There is a lot to see here, and you can find a wide variety of routes - you will need more than a week to complete all of them. We suggest not to hurry and enjoy every moment spent in the park, and nearly every press of the bicycle pedal will be followed by a rush of endorphins - leave all your worries behind and come here to find happiness. 

„Drūtūnai“  Drūtūnų k., Ignalinos r., tel.: +370 605 10784, +370 648 70809,  [email protected]

Sodyba „Saulėtekis“  Girminių k., Ignalinos r., tel.:+370 650 69955, +370 386 52881,  [email protected]

„Aukštaitijos dviratis“   Palūšės k.,  Ignalinos r., tel.: +370 620 27477, +370 693 86561,  [email protected]

„Dviračių bazė"   Trainiškio k., Ignalinos r., tel.: +37061307778,

Project "Travelling Slowly":  Travelling slowly column