Visitor ticket

All visitors to Aukštaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park are invited to contribute to the conservation and protection of these protected areas’ nature and culture. The easiest way to participate is to purchase a visitors ticket, which costs €1, €5 or €25. In accordance with other state parks, these passes are free for individual visitors. But buying a symbolic ticket allows one to contribute to various parts of the park’s development, such as: monument upkeep, dwelling preservation, nature trail upkeep, IT system renovation.

Visitors tickets can be purchased at the following:

  • Aukštaitija National Park Visitor Centre, Lūšių g. 16, Palūšės k., Ignalinos r.; 
  • Labanoras Regional Park Visitor Centre, Seniūnijos g. 19, Labanoras, Švenčionių r.;
  • ‘Perlas’ ATMs, online at ‘’ and at ‘’ terminals (subject to VAT)
  • By texting the protected area’s abbreviation (ANP or LRP) to 1860. Alternatively: scanning our QR code and sending out the automated message (subject to SMS fees).

Visitors ticket are voluntary, excluding commercial park events, for which they are mandatory for entry. Event coordinators are required to include the fee for visitors passes in the event ticket price or registration fee, and they are required to transfer all funds acquired to the relevant protected area’s directorate no later than 30 calendar days after the event.