Fishing, berry picking


Fishing with recreational fishing gear is governed by the Inland Fishing Regulations.

D1-14 On the adoption of the Rules on Amateur Fishing in Inland Waters ( 

Please note that natural persons under the age of 18, State Social Insurance pensioners and persons with disabilities have the right to fish free of charge, without an amateur fishing permit, provided that they have a document confirming their right to fish. This is regulated by Article 11 of the Law on Amateur Fishing of the Republic of Lithuania ( IX-2389 Law on Amateur Fishing of the Republic of Lithuania ( ).

All types of permits for fishing in public water bodies are available at Perlas terminals, which can be found in Supermarkets and through the Environmental Permit Information System (ALIS). Such permits are considered electronic and do not need to be printed, but simply state the permit number and present an identity document to the inspecting officer.

ALIS - Environmental Permit Issuance System ( 


Berry picking, mushroom picking, nut picking and herbal picking can be carried out in accordance with the description of the Procedure for the use of wild plants and mushrooms. 

D1-310 On the approval of the description of the procedure for the use of wild plants and mushrooms (