P1 hiking route "Meironys nature trail"

Families with children

P1 hiking route "Meironys nature trail"

Meironų educational trail invites you on a wonderful journey through the labyrinth of hills of the Auktaitija National Park.

While traveling along the trail, you can choose one of three possible circular routes. Each ring includes a different natural accent of the educational trail and introduces its values.

Yellow - terrain ring (3.7 km) will allow you to test your endurance while climbing the hills of the educational trail.

The green - swamp ring (5 km) will take you through a swampy ravine of the educational trail, where two small lakes are gathered, like the famous "Laumiakėlių eyes" of the park.

Blue - Taram ring (5.5 km) will reveal the secret of the legendary lake and the beauty and tranquility of its coast.

Route reference: Meironai educational trail