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Palūšė region exposition

The exposition of Palūšė region is located in the library building, in the school built by the "Rytas" Society a century ago. In 2000, on the basis of documents and photos by Genovaitė Kisielytė from Palūšė, an exposition was created, which tells the story of the occupation of Eastern Lithuania from 1920 to 1939. The exposition presents:

  • The demarcation line and its consequences for the inhabitants of Palūšė, Meironys and other areas;
  • The Lithuanian Palūšė primary school and its teachers;
  • The activities of the priests of Palūšė church;
  • The spirituality, culture and collection of old postcards and commemorative albums.
  • A collection of photographs reflecting the social activities of Genovaitė Kisielytė;
  • The lives of the parish residents: fishing, sewing crafts.

The exposition can be visited on Thursdays.