Visitor Center Exposition in Labanore

Families with children

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Visitor Center Exposition in Labanore

"In the Embrace of the Great Forest" is the exposition set up at the Labanoras Visitor Centre, which presents the values of the Labanoras Forest. Explore where people, plants, and animals have long ago found a home. The exposition has something for the whole family: from a kindergartener, to a father, or an all-knowing grandfather. You can play games, dive into the "cave" and "meet" many interesting animals, listen to the birds chirp, or to the sounds of an interesting instrument typical of the Labanoras region - the "Labanoras bagpipe". You can see a butterfly, fly, or other insect flap its wings up close; you can feel like a part of the eagle family.

Opening hours:

From May until September - Tuesday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. Sunday and Monday off.

Off-season - during administration working hours.

Visiting the exposition of the visitor center on your own - €2 per person (50% discount applies to schoolchildren, students and seniors, the visit is free for the disabled).

Visitor center exhibition presentation - €1 per person.