Educational Program "At the Bird Village"

Families with children

Peaceful rest

Suitable for traveling by bicycle

Educational Program "At the Bird Village"

 Upon your arrival you will meet a huge owl and play the role of chicken. We will head to the bonfire where in a huge pan we will prepare our traditional delicious omelette, made from poultry eggs.

 Crossing a swamp, we will reach the place where an extravagant bird comes at night to make a wish. In the biggest nest, accommodating up to 50 people, we will tell you the legend of an ugly bird called Skukas. You will learn what bird is the fastest and the smallest in the world. And more! For example: what bird flies around the globe in a year. Finally you will be given a tour around the farm, and find out about the more than 200 species of birds that live here.

Educational programs are booked in advance.
There is a possibility to have lunch on the farm.