Thematic educational excursion "At the barrows"

Families with children

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Thematic educational excursion "At the barrows"

 In the woods, valleys and hills of Aukštaitija National Park there are many traces of ancient inhabitants, but it is not easy to decipher them. Archaeologists are investigating the life of prehistoric people; exploring ancient settlements, hill forts and burial grounds - barrows. Of the latter, a great deal is known: faith in the afterlife seems to have encouraged a burial place to create a reflection of the past. 
 To get to know how people lived, what their daily activities were, and how all this was reflected in the tradition of the festival, we invite you to the thematic excursion, "At the barrows". This excursion was launched at the Visitors' Center in Palūšė, and has continued as an archaeological exposition and traveled to Palūšė Forest, where it seeks to discover and count the barrows.

The route is about 4 km long and winds through not only roads, but also forest, so be sure to bring comfortable footwear.

Guided tours for a group up to 20 people in Lithuanian and English.
The duration of the tour - 2 hours.
Tours are booked in advance.