Štiūris horn educational trail

Štiūris horn educational trail

Way of traveling: Route distance: 7 km Duration of the route: 1.5 h.
Asphalt: 1% Dirt road: 1% Forest path: 100%

The educational trail is located on the peninsula that separates the Black and White Lakajai lakes. It is a narrow stretch of land, washed by waters on both sides. The 8 km route offers a peaceful walk full of wonderful views. In some places, Ščiūris horn narrows, so you can see the waters of White and Black Lakes, which meet at the end of the peninsula. Cibaragis, a peninsula of extraordinary beauty located here, can also be called a real diamond of nature. The uniqueness of Ščiūris Horn is also given by the natural heritage object growing at the beginning of the peninsula - a double-trunk pine.

The educational path of the Ščiuris horn is like getting to know the spirit of the Labanoras forest - Lakaja. The stands of this horn's educational trail are designed to be interesting not only for adults, but also for children. There are also interactive technical solutions on the trail, so it will be interesting for the whole family.

In order to ensure the protection of the landscape and biodiversity, access to the peninsula by car is restricted. Parking is available at the beginning of the trail, and visitors will be able to travel quickly for 8 km from the high start. Not all 8 km of the trail are suitable for riding bicycles or baby carriages, but you can go from the parking lot to the farthest corner on forest roads. Since the establishment of the Labanor Regional Park, camping with tents or making bonfires has been prohibited in this area. This ban remains in effect and will continue to be enforced. Nevertheless, Ščiuris Ragas is a great place for picnics with both friends and family. Here, everyone will find a place to sit down and eat delicacies, they can resist nature or simply enjoy its peace. Swimming in one of the many suitable places in White and Black Lakaj lakes is the most refreshing.

Parking is available at the beginning of the trail.